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Who We Are 

ICDJA represents the future of contemporary worship and worship leaders.  Made up of DJ’s, producers, performers, and artists, ICDJA spreads the word of Jesus Christ through music, dance, art, speech, and worship.

* We reach out to people around the globe through the arts, sharing the love of God through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

* ICDJA produces and promotes out-reach events where people can experience the presence and saving grace of God.

* ICDJA trains and counsels future worship leaders in the art of DJing, production, and performance.

* We co-operate with others in assisting churches and ministries to establish outreach programs that minister to people of all nations.

* We promote an increased understanding of God’s love, peace, and acceptance, to global patrons.

* We are the next generation of worship leaders. 



Shea Riley, Director

Brad Brucks, Project Manager

Katherine Telford, Promotions Manager/Worship Through The Arts Leader


ICDJA Advisory Council

Dave and Lee Bojic

Sr. Florence Leduc

Jeremy Williams

Analynn Olson-Riley

Douglas V. Riley

Honourable Chief Judge A.G. Vickery